With a variety of over twenty-five sandwiches, A La Saj describes itself as a fusion take on Saj where we strive to create a mixture of Levantine and international ingredients. A La Saj features flat-bread sandwiches made the way they are in Damascus and around the Levantine area of the Eastern Mediterranean. Another our speciality – saj – is a domed grill used for baking flat-bread. Dough is rolled out and laid over the dome where it cooks quickly. The breads are then folded around various ingredients such as halloumi or raclette cheese, hummus, falafel, bresaola or mushrooms. A La Saj serves both authentic traditional Syrian sandwiches as well as contemporary or so called international ones. The restaurant also create various saj desserts by smearing the bread with honey, Nutella or ricotta cheese. In our menu, you will also find fresh and refreshing salads as well as fresh juice and smoothies.
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